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Hi, I’m Niel Malhotra. I started Growista to help companies turn data into content that get shares, traffic, and backlinks. As a programmer, I am able to analyze large amounts of data and turn it into a unique article with charts describing that data. This content is not easily duplicated and that’s what causes it to stand out amongst the millions of blog posts posted each day. Furthermore, I’ve learned to make connections with influencers and journalists so that my content can spread.

I use my own process on my own site to drive traffic and subscribers. It’s how I was able to get traffic and subscribers onto a brand new site with no online reputation whatsoever. I also perform this service for other companies and agencies. What the data clearly shows is: great content with smart promotion delivers disproportionate results.

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I turn large amounts of data into extraordinary content that gets traffic, backlinks, and shares. This process works for all types of companies, from startups to large companies to agencies.

500 Word Bio:

While studying computer science at NYU, Niel Malhotra started a startup that helped construction companies track their employees’ hours. He managed to raise a small amount of money from investors, but the whole thing collapsed because he didn’t know how to market and sell what he created.

After graduating, Niel joined a startup called Handybook (now Handy) as employee #6. Within a year, the company grew to 60 people. He learned a lot about what it takes to grow and scale a company in the chaotic world of venture-funded startups. After learning a lot, he decided to try consulting. As a consultant, Niel has worked with companies of many sizes, including the 19,000 employee behemoth Bloomberg.

Even though he enjoyed programming, Niel also enjoyed marketing, entrepreneurship, and watching companies grow. He was wondering how to marry his interests in all of these when he saw some of the biggest marketing influencers analyze large amounts of data and use it to create content that received tremendous amounts of shares, backlinks, and traffic. Niel realized that he could create this type of content, and since he could do everything (programming, writing, and marketing) himself, he could do it quicker than if someone outsources the various parts. He made his first article about analyzing infographics and the response showed him that he was onto something big. A journalist from Marketing Profs wrote about it despite it being on a blog with absolutely no traffic, backlinks, or credibility. The article continues to receive backlinks and traffic to this day.

Now, Niel runs his own company, Growista. He writes data-driven articles on the Growista blog and offers this style of content creation as a service. His service is appropriate for companies in any niche, including agencies. Humans love data. A good chart can deliver a lot of information much quicker than just plain text. Niel has learned that data, when presented correctly, can be turned into extraordinary content.

100 Word Bio:

After starting a startup and working for various companies as a software developer, Niel Malhotra decided to combine his interest in marketing with his programming skill. He has now learned how to turn large amounts of data into extraordinary content that gets traffic, backlinks, and shares. He used this style of content to get traffic to the brand new Growista site. Through his company Growista, Niel Malhotra writes articles using this process and provides this style of content creation to various clients, including agencies. It’s become clear to him that data-driven content can deliver superior results.

Single Sentence Bio:

Through his company Growista, Niel Malhotra turns data into extraordinary content that gets traffic, backlinks, and shares.

Suggested Interviewer Questions:

Why does data-driven content perform better?

Will data-driven content work for any industry?

How can I get started creating data-driven content?

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