Programmer Turned Content Writer and Copywriter that Drives Leads, Traffic, and Rankings for SaaS, Tech Companies, and More

Hi, I’m Niel Malhotra. As a former programmer with six years of professional experience, I can create technical content that other freelancers cannot. I’ve also worked as a content marketer and writer, so I have a rare combination of understanding both marketing and technical concepts.  

I also founded an investor-backed startup and was an employee #6 at a fast-growing startup, so I have extensive experience in the startup and SaaS worlds.

I create SEO-driven content that ranks for keywords that generate leads and relevant traffic. I also help improve email and website copywriting, so your site converts better.

Though the SEO field has a questionable reputation, you can be confident that I am able to rank my content. An example of this is how an article on this site (which has little authority) is currently on page 1 for the term “viral posts”.  

I’ve written for several industries, but the industries I do best with are: developer agencies, SaaS companies, and startups.  

If you want to get in touch or learn more, email me at [email protected] or check out my services page. 

To get in touch email:

[email protected]