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I Make Technology-Focused Content 

Hi, I'm Niel Malhotra, founder of Growista. Here on Growista, I explore the intersection of technology/software and content. Sometimes, I use my programming skills to analyze data and create content. Other times, I explore how technology companies use content.

I also offer content creation as a service for clients. One of my services is data-driven content. I use my programming skills to analyze data and then create content around it. These pieces are great for attracting links. I've done this service for clients in many different categories.

For technology companies (SaaS companies and agenices are some examples), I create all types of content. As a former software developer, I have a technical understanding that other writers/agencies do not.

If you want to see some of my work check out this article where I analyze 1,000 infographics or this article where I analyze 100,000 viral posts.

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