Hi. I’m Niel Malhotra. I started Growista to help companies turn data into original research that gets shares, traffic, and backlinks.

I started my career as a programmer after getting a computer science degree. I’ve tried and failed at starting a couple of startups, so I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs. When one of my startups failed because my cofounder and I had no idea how to sell, I started to develop an interest in marketing.

I saw some posts online that went viral in which bloggers analyzed large datasets and thought: “Hey, I could do that”. I had found a way to marry my two interests of programming and marketing. I started a website with absolutely no traffic or publicity and just analyzed 1,000 infographics. With some basic promotion, I received some publicity, backlinks, and built relationships with some really cool people.

I’ve realized that my programming ability allows me to create content that other freelance writers can’t. And now, I’m just happy to write kickass articles, whether for myself or for other companies. I’ve even managed to carve out a niche for myself in the hyper-competitive content marketing space.

If you want to contact me for consulting or any other reason, just email me at [email protected] I look forward to helping you get more traffic, backlinks, shares, subscribers, and, of course, customers.

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