Hi, I’m Niel Malhotra.

I’m the founder of Growista and I’m a freelance Facebook Ads consultant and copywriter.

Why should you work with me? Glad you asked.

Here’s what makes me different from other freelancers:

6+ Years of Professional Experience as a Software Developer

As a former software developer, I have a deep understanding of technology, cybersecurity, and programming that others don’t have. As a result, I can understand technical customers better than others.

Also, I understand the mindset behind a SaaS and SaaS marketing. I understand MRR, ARR, LTV, and every other bit of jargon you can think of. As a SaaS, I understand that you need signups.

Founded an Investor-Backed Startup and Was an Early Employee at a Fast-Growing Startup

Many of my clients are startups. Because of my experience working at startups, I understand the startup mindset well. Startups want things done and they want them done fast.

All actions and money spent need to move the needle and have real results. That’s why I’ll work with you to make sure that my ads constribute a positive ROI.

Even if you aren’t a startup, this mentality can serve you well. I’ll deliver ads with a quick turnaround and will measure my work based on results that we agree to.

Also Achieved Marketing Goals While Working as a Writer and Content Marketer

During my time as a writer and content marketer, I have seen my content rank for target keywords and generate leads. This has helped me become a better copywriter as I have learned firsthand what converts and what doesn’t.

My combination of experience as a writer, content marketer, copywriter, programmer, and Facebook Ad consultant helps me to create ads that delivers real results.

If you want to contact me for freelance work or any other reason, just email me at [email protected].