Do you run a blog and are trying to stand out from the crowd?

Do you feel like you don’t have the time to create superior content?

Do you have trouble building backlinks?

Are you tired of not getting the audience you want to come to your site?

Do you wish there was a way to grow your site without resorting to expensive methods like Facebook ads?

Do you want to get more people to your site so they can buy from you?

If so, my process of creating original research content will be great for you. My content stands out from the crowd and performs better than the generic list posts that are spamming the internet.

I have worked in a variety of niches. I’ve worked for a wellness blog and a rewards site. My specialty niches are programming (I was a full-time developer for six years), B2B SaaS, online marketing, eCommerce, and SEO.


The first thing I do is talk to you about your audience and what your goal for your content is. The second thing I do is figure out if you have any data sources that I can use to create something your audience will love. If not, it’s fine. I’ll find a public dataset to do my analysis on.

We keep going through datasets and topics until we’re sure we’ve found a topic and research that will resonate with your audience. Keeping your audience in mind, I analyze the dataset and write an article with several charts about my research. I then show it to you to make sure you approve. Once you’re happy with the article, you get all rights over it and you’re free to publish it wherever you want. I’m more than happy to white-label my content if you want.

If you are interested, just email me at [email protected] You don’t need to do any pre-work or any research beforehand. I’ll babysit the entire process, from ideation to submitting the completed article.

I’m looking forward to helping you get more traffic, backlinks, shares, subscribers, and, of course, customers.

Want to make Content that Rises above the Crowd?

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