Week of 12/18/17 Data Research Content Roundup

Hope you had a good holiday! Here are some excellent data research content articles that came out over the holidays.

A Statistical Analysis Of Every Type Of Object That Could Conceivably Be Used For Childhood Games Of Football

I like this post for a couple of reasons. First, I like that it uses spider charts. These are an underused type of graph that are good at comparing several characteristics. Second, it’s a good post even though it doesn’t have any numbers. Humans like stories, more than numbers. I am aware that this is a satiric post, but I still like the (mock) data analysis.

The Top Influencer Marketing Trends and Challenges of 2018

Ayaz Nanji is a master at writing about marketing data. Check out his author page on Marketing Profs to see all of his articles. I chose this one to show how simple, straightforward data presented simply can get great results. This post on influencer trends (a niche topic, for sure) was shared over 150 times.

Study: What Skills Does the Typical Data Scientist Have?

One simple way to get interesting data is to do a survey. That’s what this piece on data scientists did. The post has five different chart types, showing that you can slice survey data in many different ways.

This is Exactly how long Women Want you to last during Sex

Of course, a post on sex would get lots of shares. What I found interesting is that the original article https://www.saucydates.com/how-long-does-sex-last/ has fewer shares. It shows that the best way to get views is to get popular sites to write about your data.

Lessons Learned from Analyzing Over a Million Points of GPS Data

One thing I’ve learned is that bigger numbers make for better headlines. One million points of GPS data piques interest. The resulting graph of paths through central park made for some interesting visualizations on central park. Plotting data on maps is hard but results in unique content.

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